Dec 222011

WARNING – DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS WEBSITE – this is NOT the vashonALL Yahoo Email Group! The website you are trying to locate is at:


NOTE: VASHONALL.COM IS AN INACTIVE WEBSITE THAT WILL SOON BE TERMINATED!  The vashonALL listserve/email group is located on the Yahoo Groups website shown above.

VashonAll’s Yahoo Group is a community service to provide an electronic communication network for islanders.  On vashonALL you can post messages such as: ferry & power alerts, posts of lost or found items & pets, looking for housing, finding a ride, advertising your business (some restrictions apply, details on the website), getting referrals or advise, finding a babysitter, plumber or handyman, announcing events (other than estate/yard sales), finding people, posting job openings, needing help with a bee problem or even a roadside rescue!

If you would like to join the VashonAll Yahoo Group, please go to our home page on Yahoo Groups and click on the “Join This Group!” button (located at the bottom of the page in the lower right-hand corner).  Note: You will first need to setup a Yahoo UserName and Password if you don’t already have one.